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Our Founder

Aditya Sumbria, founder of Pahadi Amrut, combines passion, expertise, and a love for nature, drawing from his mechanical engineering background and Himalayan roots. Inspired by traditional farming and the Himalayas' beauty, he sought the region's most authentic food products, building relationships with local farmers and artisans. Committed to authenticity and quality, Pahadi Amrut offers rare Himalayan products like Shilajit, honey, and spices, ensuring sustainability and fair trade. Aditya shares the Himalayan essence through videos of artisanal harvesters, promoting a connection between consumers and their food sources. His vision celebrates Himalayan heritage and supports local communities, embodying sustainability and tradition in every aspect of the brand.

Our Story

Pahadi Amrut is a passionate team of explorers and wanderers with a great love for rare Himalayan harvest. Our journey started from corporate lobbies to the chilly, lonely Himalayan roads. Our expedition took us to the untouched Himalayas, which haven’t yet been muddied by industrialization. The simple living, pollution-free environment, and naturally organic edibles inspired us to bring these authentic and high-quality items to the people across India. Through meticulous research and curation, we have created a collection of the finest Himalayan delicacies, from wild honey varieties to naturally organic pulses & spices. We are dedicated to supporting the local communities while promoting sustainable farming practices. Join us on this remarkable culinary adventure as we share the flavors and stories of the majestic Himalayas.

Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to provide rare and exotic Himalayan food products to the people living in the urban Indian cities, connecting them with the authentic flavors, rich heritage, and sustainable practices of the region. Because when the food we eat is grown using traditional methods in a pollution-free environment, it acts similar to medicine that can aid us in leading a healthy life. Our saga for rare Himalayan harvest has driven us to find some of the finest and rarest Himalayan food products, while preserving their authenticity and integrity through ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and meticulous quality control. We look forward to creating a brand that will introduce our future generations to the magic of the Himalayas.

Indian Heritage

We follow the ancient concept of “gathering” from the lap of mother nature.In our Vedas and Granths, a lot is mentioned about food from the Himalayas. This got us excited to explore the untouched upper reaches of the Himalayas in search of hidden traditional elixirs, or as we call them – The Himalayan Treasures.Our standout approach introduces and delivers Indian Heritage and naturally grown Himalayan elixir to the world.

Customer Experience

Quality customer experience is what we strive for. From the procurement of natural and unprocessed products to the delivery, our team works in sync to deliver a premium customer experience.We are trying to improve the quality of food available in the Indian market by selecting the products after thorough research and making them available to people all across India. We are strictly against the adulteration of food products and want you to experience premium natural Himalayan elixir for better health and wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

Zeal To Explore

The legends say that mountains originated to help man explore his inner self and transform while travelling and meditating. Our entire brand revolves around mountains, trees, and water. In today’s busy life, we may have never really had time to get so close to nature; however, in some or the other way, we are never really that far away. We at Pahadi Amrut actively look to explore different touchpoints in the Himalayan range to discover the natural gifts of nature that can help us escape different medications and health hazards.We’ll continue to find ethically sourced free-range artisanal food products from the upper Himalayan ranges so that you get the best from the womb of mother nature.