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Abha Rawat


I ordered Pahari Kikar Honey from Pahadi Amrut on my friend's recommendation, and I have been drinking one teaspoon of honey with lukewarm water plus half lemon every morning. I’m pleased to say it positively impacted my health, and it’s a natural fat burner.


Rajat Mengi


As our Ayurveda says, honey is a pranic food that streamlines our spiritual and physical well-being. But in the modern world, it’s hard to find non-processed and non-adulterated honey in the market. But my search for quality honey ended here with Pahadi Amrut.




The sweet floral and peppermint flavor makes it hard to resist Pahadi Amrut’s Chichri Honey. I’m consciously replacing processed white sugar with organic honey, and it’s a fantastic product to assist me in the transformation.


Vinita Bora


Working in the corporate world, I hardly get time to cook for myself. A few days back, I ordered authentic rajma from Pahadi Amrut to fulfill my craving for the exquisite taste of Rajma chawal.


Sahil Pandita


During the covid times, I wanted to boost my immunity by avoiding medications. I found out Kesar helps boost immunity, so I ordered Kesar from Pahadi Amrut, and the results are amazing.

We are incubated at Technology Business Incubator - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, CSIR, Jammu, for research and testing of rare Himalayan Edibles, before they make their way to your kitchens.

#Frequently asked questions

Is the usage of honey as a cough reliever safe for kids?
Honey is the safest and most inexpensive cough remedy for kids. It can be attributed to the presence of various nutrients in addition to its antibacterial properties. OTC cough medications, on the other hand, are known to cause various side effects in kids, such as insomnia, hyperactivity, anxiety and nervousness. This study shows that honey before sleep is much more effective against night cough than medications. However, honey is not advisable to be administered to infants (less than 1-year-old).
How is raw unprocessed honey better than your regular supermarket honey?
Raw and unprocessed honey is the nectar from the flowers collected by bees. It is filtered to remove dead bees, impurities, beeswax and pollen. This is collected seasonally. Raw honey is inherently rich in antioxidants, bio enzymes, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it has around 30 bioactive compounds called Polyphenols. The percentage of these polyphenols is the highest in raw, unprocessed and unfiltered honey. It has potent anti-bacterial and anti-germ powers. Furthermore, active compounds in raw honey have been proven to enhance the regeneration of tissues. On the other hand, regular supermarket honey is heated, pasteurized, and processed to increase its shelf life. Additives are added to make it fit for commercial use. This processing destroys the majority of these benefits, rendering it hardly any better than just concentrated sugar. That’s why raw unprocessed honey is better than regular supermart honey.
How does altitude affect the quality of honey?
We all know that high-altitude honey is premium, high costing and has limited availability. But ever wondered why? Well, even the scientist wondered why was it so? What made it so distinctly potent? So many studies were conducted to find out the reason. In addition, this study confirmed that high altitude acacia honey displayed much higher levels of anti-cancer activity due to the higher levels of polyphenols and flavonoids compared to the low altitude varieties. Many studies have confirmed that raw honey from high altitudes had distinctly high antioxidant levels compared to raw honey from low-alt regions.
Why am I being charged for delivery on my order when it states standard delivery is free?
All our delivery charges are pre-set by our courier company. We sell some oversized items which require a specialist courier company to fulfil the delivery, there is an additional charge for these. Also, our courier company consider some surcharge postcodes ‘Out of area’. There is an additional charge for these also. You can find a list of all [oversized items here] You can find a list of all
I haven’t received a dispatch email/email confirmation?
Please be aware an automated email is sent to you to the given email address when your order is dispatched. Please check all folders including your junk/spam folder as it will come from a noreply email address.
Can honey be used in hair masks?
The nutrients present in honey are known to stimulate hair follicles, promote hair growth and retain moisture. The antibacterial properties of honey are known to control dandruff. However, these properties are there only in raw and unprocessed honey. Honey can be used in hair masks for healthier, shinier and happier hair. So go ahead and make honey a staple in your hair care regime. And as no one wants to compromise on the quality of the products you use, we recommend the honey. Honey is also known to stop hair fall and promote hair growth and make them thicker. Honey can be added to various household ingredients, such as coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, lemon, and curd to make nourishing hair masks.